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Building Trends for 2020


Along with the new year– and decade– come the new design trends that are anticipated for luxury, custom homes. Whether you are interested in doing a custom build from scratch or remodelling your existing home, these trends for both architectural style and design will be sure to wow your guests and leave you with a luxurious experience in your home for years to come.

1. Industrial Styles

This particular trend has been a focus of the last decade. An industrial-style home is usually characterized by the use of textures such as iron, aluminum, wood, and other metals. The industrial style is also well-known for its use of asymmetrical construction, clean lines, and simple furniture to go along with these materials. Another component of this style that many homeowners claim complete the look is high ceilings and large windows to bring in natural light.

2. Open Multifunctional Spaces

Although the “open concept” in home design has been popular for years, we are seeing an increased use of this style in modern-built, custom homes. However, even in homes that tribute to the traditional farmhouse are incorporating open concepts too.

Many homeowners and their families are looking for multi-purpose rooms in their home to allow for more space and create a bigger feel to the home. One of the most common ways you can create an open concept is by combining the kitchen and living room or family room. This gives it an inviting feel for family and guests and allow for a natural flow between the different areas and functions of the home.

3. Outdoor Oasis

Another trend this year is the outdoor experience. Although we all love enjoying warmth and sunshine in our backyards during the spring and summer months, homeowners are wanting more components to enhance their outdoor experience all year long. One of the most popular trend to pop up are 'glass curtains'. These are huge wall-length glass windows that also fold or slide to open the room space right into the outdoors. Other ideas to take advantage of your backyard space include outdoor cooking areas, family gardens, dual-purpose furniture, outdoor fireplaces, and natural materials for an effortless outdoor space where comfort is key.

4. Black as an Accent

Along with the extreme popularity of grey and darker colors in general, black has been making a push for the next hottest accent colour for home exteriors. This includes not only traditional accent areas, such as the shutters or the front door, but also in more contemporary areas, such as an accent wall, large sections of the siding, or as trim. Black is being seen as the new grey, and the way that it’s beginning to make its way into exterior design is interesting to see. More people that want a bolder, more eye catching facade are introducing black into the overall colour scheme.

5. Bathroom Relaxation

The bathroom is no longer, solely, the space dedicated to personal care. Now this stay is understood as the place to relax after a hard day’s work. Where to disconnect from the outside to reconnect with himself during a shower that will release our tensions. And all this thanks to the design and decoration.

6. Smart Homes

It is an upward trend, both for new buildings and for rehabilitated buildings. Automated systems are increasingly in demand to control the temperature, light or security of homes. A smart building offers its users greater comfort and reduces consumption bills. Why wouldn't you want to be able to control your entire home's system right from your device?

Follow the Trends for 2020

Trends are a good predictor of what people want to see in a property, and updating to the very latest trend helps ensure that your home has the most staying power, as well as a better value. If your home exterior needs a makeover, consider incorporating any of these trends for 2020 into your design, to help cash in now and in the future. Whether it’s a cosmetic update or something more serious, these trends are designed to help you get the most out of your home and your curb appeal.

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