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Do You Love "The Beaches" in Toronto?

“The Beaches” as it is so highly regarded, is home to many different kinds of properties. Whether you’re running a business in a commercial lot or living your best life in a house, condo or loft. Given its proximity to the downtown life of Toronto and its obvious placement to the lakefront, living in “The Beaches” is a sought after destination for many. In this east-central  getaway for Torontonian's, brimming with parks, schools, historical landmarks, friendly neighbourhoods, we know exactly how special a place like this is. The only way to make it that much more special is by having a custom build to come home to. A home where you know every nook and cranny. So, if you’re currently living in or near “The Beaches” in Toronto and having trouble deciding if you want your home that has everything on your list, here are some things to consider.

Life is about Choices.

We’re living in a collaborative World, anywhere from work to play. How exciting would it be to work alongside our dream team of custom build designers at Grand Design Build to come up with the home of your choosing. No surprises and no making do with what is already existing. The unknown can be scary! Imagine living in a home you helped create, knowing each step along the way. You have the power to select what you want (within budget of course) and you can make the most out of that budget.

Lose Yourself in “The Beaches”

Toronto is one of the best places for self discovery. It is the one place where being different is celebrated; you can be whoever you want to be. “The Beaches” is no exception and what better way to spill your creative juices than creating your own personal oasis alongside Toronto’s sought after Lakefront area. Toronto is full of great hidden spots that allow for those quiet moments we all need now and then, which gives you the opportunity to figure out what you want to do, figure out your next move and how to make your dreams a reality. Although Toronto is known for its hustle and bustle, “The Beaches” gives you that time to relax when discovering yourself.

More Work Equals Less Work Later on...

Creating your vision may take more work in the beginning but think about how satisfying it will be to have a place for your intent in every corner. These vital decisions make up the fabric of your forever home in such a way that it will fit your “Beacher” vision so that you’ll have peace of mind and added comfort from building it yourself, along with one of our expert builders paving the way. Some re-sale homes require repairs, which for you, will be a thing of the past.

Hey There Neighbour!

Toronto is a city with a diverse population. People of Toronto and “The Beaches” alike, know how to make their mark on the city, from food, to entertainment, culture, design, art and overall storytelling. You cannot down-play the charm and laid-back small town vibes you get from “the Beaches” and the people who live there, also known on occasion as “Beachers”. One way to stand out in this crowd is to have a custom home you can proudly stage for gatherings on the regular. Your personality and style will be thought of in high regard, reflecting the neighbourhoods many festivals, including the annual Beaches International Beaches International Jazz Festival.

Clean Slate

Now, we’re well aware that “The Beach” or “The Beaches” is the place to be when building your home in Toronto. Being aware of your neighbourhood is one thing, concern over the elements in your home is another; easily remedied through custom home build. Your health matters! Things like asbestos, lead paint and mold are avoidable by knowing the materials and equipment used in your home to begin with.

Look for us in your neighbourhood as we bring custom homes to “The Beach”, “The Beaches” or directly to “Beachers” of Toronto. Whatever you call it, make sure you call us for your next home build project.

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