10 Exterior Trends for 2023

10 Exterior Trends for 2023 in Toronto, Read more about the latest trend and let us know what you think

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Armin Zafari
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February 28, 2024
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10 Exterior Trends for 2023

It’s human nature to judge a book by its cover, so it’s no surprise that people also judge a home by its exterior. Whether you’re preparing to sell your place or turning your forever home into your dream home, pouring your budget into curb appeal will impress potential buyers and your neighbors alike. Discover the latest home trends and design crazes that will make onlookers swoon.

#1 Farmhouse Porches

The modern farmhouse look has proven itself to be more than just a fast fad. In 2019, this trend will be more popular than ever. This classic look is a nod to the past that celebrates America’s heritage. These homes typically have spacious porches that attract potential buyers. Adding a porch to your home’s exterior is more simple than you might think, and it can make a small home appear much larger.

The key to making a porch look inviting is investing in quality furniture. If you opt for cheap furniture, it can make your entire home look cheap. Think porch swings with cozy pillows and solid wood rocking chairs. Add a side table to place your morning coffee on, and you’ve got a porch that is equal parts functional and beautiful. Don’t forget to invest in some lantern-style hanging lights to match the farmhouse style. You’ll get the same classic look as vintage lanterns, without the fire hazard.

black home exterior brickandbatten

#2 Dark Exterior Paint

Out of all the exterior home trends for 2019, this one is the boldest. Exterior home designers are taking a leaf out of fashion designer’s books, and are reaching for black paint to give homes a classic and sophisticated look. We’ve been seeing monochromatic black ensembles in runway outfits and streetwear alike, and now the trend has taken to the actual streets. Pair black siding with a dark metal roof for an on-trend home makeover. Feel free to break the whole no-brown-with-black rule and add some wood accents, like wooden window trims and doors. This year is all about breaking the exterior design rules.

Black paint will look good on a variety of homes, but Colonial homes look exceptionally beautiful in darker shades. After all, black paint was a common choice among British colonial settlers.

#3 Coral Porch Accents

Each year, Pantone studies color trends and announces their Color of the Year. Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year is Living Coral, and adding this warm hue to your porch will instantly give your home a modern look. It’s important to keep in mind that this color trend is just a prediction by experts at Pantone, so it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily stick around for good. While we don’t recommend taking the plunge and painting your entire home coral, we suggest having fun with the trend by adding coral accessories. Start by growing coral-colored plants, like pansies or trumpet vines. Coral flower pots are a fun twist on traditional terracotta pots, coral outdoor throw pillows are affordable, and if you’re really loving the color, you can even paint your door a subtle, muted shade of coral.

#4 Creative Door Knockers

While doorbells have been the norm for decades, there’s a reason door knockers are still very popular. They add a vintage touch to any home, but with the right direction, they add a modern touch. Creative door knockers that show off the homeowner’s personality are one of the most popular 2019 home trends and design details you can add.

Give your home a royal French look with a bee, embrace your coastal roots with an anchor, or go with a woodland creature like a fox. Investing in small details like this will give your home a unique look, and nearly anyone who visits your home will be sure to notice the creative touch. If you end up growing tired of this trend, you can easily replace your fun door knocker for a more conservative one, or abandon it altogether.

Fall Porch

#5 Outdoor String Lights

String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Adorn your home’s exterior with clear white bulb string lights. Just one strand can make your home look like a whimsical retreat. These lights provide the perfect ambiance for an outdoor summer dinner or a fall bonfire. As an added bonus, potential buyers who drive by at night will notice how well-lit your front yard seems, which provides a feeling of safety.

When choosing your string lights, look for ones that give off a warm glow, rather than a sterile, white glow. Just think of how comforting the warm glow of a candle is at night, versus the harsh look of white fluorescent lights.

Fire perimeter wall adds warmth and beauty

#6 Outdoor Fireplaces

While its true that outdoor firepits will never go out of style, outdoor fireplaces are taking the spotlight this year. Fireplaces aren’t just for your living room. We’ve been seeing them in more and more backyards in the recent months, and adding one to your home can make you feel like you are living at a swanky resort. Cozy up your back deck with a wrap-around fireplace, which looks beautiful with midcentury and traditional lawn furniture alike. When it comes time to sell your home, adding an outdoor fireplace will help your home stand out on the market. It’s safe to say this outdoor home feature is a good investment that you can benefit from.

boxwood holiday planter

#7 All the Porch Plants

Spend some time scrolling Pinterest or Instagram for home inspiration, and you’ll most likely see some indoor plants. This trend is huge in the interior design world at the moment, and now it’s time for exterior plants to spend some time in the limelight. You don’t even need a green thumb or a huge budget to adorn your home’s exterior with extravagant amounts of greenery. Plants are affordable, and if you choose the right one for your home’s climate, they can be low maintenance. If you’re renovating your home, set aside a huge portion of your budget for plants.

Plants can also create a sense of privacy in your backyard. Grow extravagant amounts of plants, like Elephant Ears, which sprout up fast and take up a lot of space. If you want to save your self time next spring, look for plants that grow back year after year, instead of ones that last for just one season. And don’t forget about hanging plants and window boxes. These classic porch additions never go out of style, and they can instantly give your home a European look.

#8 Bold Doors

If you’re a fan of bright colors, have some fun with repainting your door. This trend has slowly gained popularity in the last decade, but it isn’t going anywhere in 2019. After you land on a color to paint your door, repeat the pop of color in your yard flowers. For example, if you go with a red door, plant a red rose bush. Just keep in mind that houses with neutral-color doors, like black or gray, tend to sell for more than expected, so consider repainting before you list your home on the market. Painting your door is inexpensive and can be completed in just one afternoon, so what have you got to lose?

#9 Contrasting Trim

Sometimes a little contrast is all your home needs. Painting the trim around your windows and door can help you achieve exceptional curb appeal. Think of trim like a frame for a painting–They both help showcase works of art. Your home’s beautiful windows and front door would look incomplete without trim, so why not show it some love and make it stand out? In 2019, you can expect to see a lot of white trim on dark houses, and dark trim on white houses. Playing off light and dark accents will add depth to your home. Consider repeating the color of your roof on your trim for a cohesive appearance.

black jack

#10 Vertical Siding

It’s amazing how the same thing can look completely different when you view it from a new angle: Cue, vertical siding. Vertical siding is a subtle twist on the classic horizontal siding. This trend works best on homes that are only one or two stories high. Unfortunately, vertical siding can make a house appear too tall if it is three or more stories high, but on the contrary, it can also make shorter homes appear taller.

Swapping out the siding on your home is an inexpensive way to update the look of your home. However, this is one project that you will want to partner with a contractor to complete. As with any update on your home, just make sure to keep track of your receipts. New siding can significantly increase your home’s resale value.

While you don’t need to hire an expensive designer to give your home a modern look, seeking the help of an expert can save you money and stress in the long run. At Grand Design Build, we will help you design and visualize your home’s exterior DIY project for an affordable price.