Statement Staircase: Frame Your Front Entrance

Hit new style heights and create immediate impact with a statement staircase.

Written by
Armin Zafari
Published on
February 28, 2024
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5 min
Statement Staircase: Frame Your Front Entrance

Take stairs, stairways and staircases to a whole new level by creating an architectural centrepiece.

Hit new style heights and create immediate impact with a statement staircase. Whether you prefer sweeping, traditional stairs, ultra-modern floating steps, brightly painted wooden hills, see-through risers or even steps that lights up, there are countless captivating designs of stairs and staircases that are as practical as they are impressive.

Making a statement with your staircase opens up a hall area to a host of other statement-making opportunities. All that extra ceiling height cries out for an out-there chandelier. A bright coloured stair runner is  not only practical for high-traffic areas, but will help draw the eye up. Take wall colour upstairs and create a unified scheme by painting the skirting boards, railings and dado in the same shade as the hallway and landing. Then take the design all the way around the room, doors included, for extra impact. Crittall doors are an effective way of framing a stairway space while also letting the light flood in. Alternatively, clad a wall from top to bottom in mirrored tiles so the daylight can bounce around.


Enhance a Mad Men-style staircase with witty references to the past with
vintage furniture, art and ceramics. Original to the house, they're made from
oak and contrast against the blue stone patchwork floor.


Suspended glass-sided staircase are ideal for adding a modern twist
to period properties. Here, the slender gaps in the wood risers let slivers of
sunlight shine through, creating a feeling of lightness and space.


Seeing is believing when it comes to this floating timber staircase. These treads
have been hollowed out and fitted on to a massive steel frame hidden in the wall
and roof that helps support the entire building.


When a main living space is above or below the entrance, a striking staircase
can be cleverly employed to keep the wow factor going. A long spectacular
pendant maintains the drama as you enter in this split-level design.


A double-height space around a staircase is ideal for showcasing statement wallpaper
or decoration but it can also be used to create your own slice of tropical paradise. This
atrium is filled with bamboo that will eventually soar through the space.


Disco balls on the stairs are a fun touch, and help bounce light around.
Unusual artwork, such as the African heart sailcloth painting, draw the
eye further into the home.


A gloss white banister and vibrant red runner brighten up this dark and moody space.


This striking floating staircase fuses soft colour with natural textures and surprising
juxtapositions. Vertical panelling enhances the sense of scale. Part of the first floor
was removed to create the dramatic double-height entrance, designed by
architect Richard Parr.

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